Mentorship Series: Health and Wellness


Over 400 students came together at the University of San Francisco to discuss and learn about Health and Wellness. At the event, youth received CPR training, heard from city leaders, such as the Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission, Sheryl Davis, and a breadth of panelists who shared their personal and professional career trajectories in the health field. Youth also had the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities focused on developing a deeper understanding of health inequities.

Students designed a Health Wheel based on their individual needs. The wheel was similar to a pie chart and asked youth to include how much sleep they get, how much they eat and if they exercise. Based their pie charts, youth discussed and reflected on whether or not they feel they have a balanced life.

Students also had the opportunity to create a stress ball, which they were allowed to take home with them, giving them a way to continue the lessons of the workshop. The workshop allowed students to reflect on their current health and wellness practices and offered them ways to de-stress and take care of themselves.

You can find information about future OFA Thursday Mentorship Series events at the link below.

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