In total, how many participants will the program place in jobs this summer?
We plan to place youth in 1,000 new jobs/opportunities and follow youth in 2,000 existing or expanding programs.

How many jobs will the average grant from funders support?$2400 covers one youth/job.
Funding has ranged from supporting 3 to 100 youth.

What is the cost per teen? (This should include wages and any overhead/admin costs)
$2400, covers 80 hours of work based learning opportunities, overhead/admin, wrap around support for the youth and support staff/liaison for employers and youth.

Does Opportunities for All have a centralized payroll system for paying students? 
Our nonprofit partner  Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC) is the employer of record and will process payroll, cover payroll taxes, insurance, etc.

Does Opportunities for All currently work with the students to assist in opening a bank account and/or direct deposit?
JCYC works with students to open accounts and set up direct deposit. It is part of their process for on-boarding youth.

How can businesses support the initiative?
Businesses can  sponsor the cost of an internship ($2400),  host youth for a site visit, participate in a panel or provide a workshop for youth or offer work-based learning opportunities, internships or employment.

Who are the current funders of the program?
Alaska Airlines, Google, Uber, Dolby, Airbnb, LinkedIn and Postmates.

Is there an opportunity to fund a nonprofit directly with the expectation of the nonprofit working with the Opportunities for All program?
We can certainly work with other nonprofits, but prefer that partners sponsor the initiative through JCYC.

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