Q. What is the minimum time commitment to host a youth?

A. We expect companies to host a total of 80 hours per youth over the course of Summer 2019.

Q. How many hours per day/week will be required?

A. It’s our goal that each youth works those 80 hours over the course of 20 hours over 4 weeks. Based on scheduling needs of the youth and company, this could also look like 10 hours over 8 weeks or something slightly different. We are working to guarantee diverse options to accommodate youth with summer school as well.

Q. How much does it cost to host a youth for the summer?

A. Between $1,800 and $2,400 per youth.

Q. When does the Opportunities for All program launch?

A. We will formally launch opportunities starting in Summer 2019. Recruitment, workshops, training and outreach have already started.

Q. How can youth sign up for jobs?

A. For now, youth may email to join our list or call 415-252-2509.

Q. What happens after this summer?

A. We plan to expand and provide year-round opportunities that meet the needs, interests and availability of all youth in San Francisco.

Q. Who should I follow up with?

A. Human Rights Commission Executive Director Sheryl Davis is the main contact for now. Other HRC staff leading this work include:

Dannielle Glover
Equity and Strategic Partnership Specialist

Amelia Martinez-Bankhead
Senior Policy Analyst

Divya Gopal
Fellow, Human Rights Commission